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Ventum Original Line

Ventum advanced personal respirator.

Protection - 20x better protection than disposable surgical masks & cloth masks*

Comfort - Hypoallergenic tight-sealing medical-grade silicone for all day comfort with zero glass fog.

Style - Besides our 5 base styles, Ventum is available in 256 different colours.

What's Included - Ventum Original Advanced Respirator + 5x V96 Filters + VEF Filter + Carry Bag

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Tactical Tangerine
Ocean Breeze
Active Lime


See what Ventum is made of. Seperate inhale and exhale valves channel fresh air directly to you, while venting exhale air downward. This extends the life of the inhale filter considerably and prevents you from re-breathing your exhaled air. The exhale filtration cartridge protects those around you and allows you to wear Ventum virtually anywhere, complying with health regulations.